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Marin Software's Guide to Marketplace Advertising

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How can you introduce your products to shoppers and establish them in shoppers’ purchase consideration?

In most of the cases, that means using Google, Facebook, and Amazon to generate awareness and drive eyes to the “digital shelves” of marketplaces. Ultimately, the shopper may end up purchasing on your website, on a marketplace, or in store after learning about your product from an advertisement. Attributing that sale revenue back to the originating advertisement which drove it is what’s important, as it helps inform accurate budgeting decisions that fuel overall sales velocity and profit.

Download Marin Software’s Guide to Marketplace Advertising and learn how to:

  • Prepare, optimize and protect your product data to be retail-ready for all marketplaces, including Amazon, Google and Instagram Checkout
  • Use Amazon Attribution to measure the overall growth impact of sales on Amazon
  • Expand coverage and maintain messaging across Google, Amazon and Facebook using New to Brand metrics and Detail Page Views
  • Save time & get the most out of your budgets with automated bidding and dayparting
  • Stay on top of the day-to-day challenges in dynamic inventory

Get your free copy today.

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