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Navigating the New Paid Search Landscape: 5 Proven Strategies for Financial Services Advertisers

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Navigating the New Paid Search Landscape

5 Proven Strategies for Financial Services Advertisers

The financial services industry will account for more than $4 billion of Google AdWords revenue this year, and for good reason! Paid search has proven to be highly effective, delivering a consistently profitable return on investment. However, technological inefficiencies and the inability to execute effectively on paid search strategies can result in higher costs, lower margins, and missed revenue opportunities. As competition increases, savvy financial services advertisers must continually adjust their tactics to improve and sometimes just to maintain their competitive advantage.

Marin Software studied some of the world’s largest financial services advertisers, and identified five strategies for paid search success. This paper will review the challenges of executing each strategy and will highlight the required tools and techniques for addressing them. Search marketers will learn how to:

  • Seamlessly tie offline conversions to online events for a complete picture of ROI
  • Protect and build brand equity to remain competitive and drive acquisition
  • Adapt to shifts in business requirements to maximize revenue outcomes
  • Accelerate revenue outcomes by optimizing for seasonality

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